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Openbravo Wirabumi Release Note

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Version 1.0.1 First Update

  • Reporting
    • Stock Aging Report

Version 1.0.0 First Release

  • Initial Data Load
    • import business partner
    • import outstanding receivables and payables
    • import product
    • import price list and product price
    • import product cost
    • import inventory
    • import goods shipment and goods receipt
    • import purchase invoice and sales invoice
    • import GL journal
    • import budget
    • import sales order and purchase order
  • Document Routing
    • sales order and purchase order (Approval Routing and Amount Threshold Routing)
    • sales inovoice and purchase invoice (Approval Routing and Amount Threshold Routing)
    • purchase requisition (Approval Routing and Amount Threshold Routing)
    • goods receipt and goods shipment (Approval Routing only)
  • Configuration Dataset
    • business partner category
    • invoice schedule
    • payment term
    • return reason
    • tax category
    • tax rate
    • payment method
    • product category
    • unit of measure
    • price list schema
    • price list
    • price list version
  • Configuration Wizard
    • fiscal calendar creation and assigning to legal entity with accounting organization
    • create and open standard period and opening balance period
    • create warehouse and storage bin
    • activate all accounting tables
    • set organization to ready organization
  • Improvement of Requisition to Order Form
    • two extra filter: product type and requisition no
    • ability to create draft purchase order rather than booked puchase order
  • bug fix
    • wrong report title in price list report
  • report and alert
    • report
      • sales order review report (to support sales order analysis befor approval take place)
      • Purchase Order awaiting Purchase Invoice
      • Purchase Order awaiting Goods Receipt
      • Goods Receipt awaiting Purchase Invoice
      • Sales Order awaiting Sales Invoice
      • Sales Order awaiting Goods Shipment
      • Goods Shipment awaiting Sales Invoice
      • Stock Card
    • alert
      • business partner without address
      • aging goods shipment
      • aging goods receipt
      • customer with 20% credit limit left
      • product without price
      • customer without order in 30 days
      • not processed purchase order and sales order
      • not processed purchase invoice and sales invoice
      • payment overdue
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