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Openbravo Wirabumi Road Map

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Version 1.1.0 - Managed Maintenance Service

Estimated Release Schedule: August 2013

  • High Availability
    • PostgreSQL Clustering using pg_pool II
    • Apache Tomcat clustering using load balancer
  • Backup
    • PostgreSQL backup using Continuous Archiving and Point-In-Time Recovery
    • Openbravo Source Folder schedule backup
    • Cloud backup with dropbox
    • Raid 10 HDD
  • Monitoring
    • Zenoss for network, application, configuration, performance, and event monitoring
    • PostgreSQL monitoring using pg_watch and pg_stat. Available alert (including but not limited to):
      • Availabitility
      • Bottleneck
      • Deadlock
      • Heavy stored procedure or trigger
      • Disk space
      • RAM space
      • CPU utilization
    • Apache Tomcat monitoring using Zenoss. Available alert (including but not limited to):
      • Availabitility
      • Bottleneck
      • Heap space
      • Memory leak
      • Thread count and size
    • log analysis using HP ArcSight
    • Alert for transaction data (including but not limited to):
      • non-zero for temporary GL Account (cash/bank in-transit, not-invoiced receipt, suspense error, suspense balancing, etc)
      • hi-amount for rounding and adjustment GL Account (warehouse adjustment, currency rounding, etc)
      • no transaction in control document (goods shipment, goods receipt, sales invoice, purchase invoice, etc)
  • Service Level Agreement
    • training material for refresh training distributed both text (pdf, html) and video
    • troubleshooting and trace back done by Wirabumi's engineer
    • backup and restore done by Wirabumi's engineer
    • performance measurement reported in monthly basis
    • update and upgrade done by Wirabumi's engineer
    • touble ticketing:
      • Critical (Openbravo Server down): 4x per month, max 4 hours initial response time
      • Severe (Failed features which stop business process): 8x per month, max 24 hours initial response time
      • Trivial (uditing and troubleshoting transaction data): 16x per month, max 48 hours initial response time (working days only)
      • Support (refresh training): unlimited, max 72 hours initial response time (working days only)
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