Business Analytics

Apache Superset and Pentaho, curated by Wirabumi Software, two powerful tools for data exploration and visualization. Apache Superset is open-source and user-friendly, while Pentaho is a comprehensive business intelligence platform ideal for large enterprises. With our software, you can easily integrate your data sources with these tools to create insightful visualizations and reports.

Business Process Automation

Introducing Openbravo ERP, curated by Wirabumi Software, open-source software that integrates all aspects of your business, from finance to customer relationship management, into a single system. With real-time access to data and customizable dashboards, you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Openbravo ERP is scalable and flexible, suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can help you improve inventory management, optimize your supply chain, and streamline your financial operations.

Enterprise Integration

Our enterprise application integration services leverage Apache Camel, a leading open-source integration framework, to help businesses connect their systems and applications, improving efficiency and data visibility. With customizable and scalable solutions, including cloud-to-cloud and API management, our secure services ensure seamless integration while maintaining data privacy. With our integration services, businesses can leverage their existing systems, optimize operations, and drive growth.

Automate business process and better-informed decision-making

What We Do

Openbravo Payroll

Openbravo Approval Routing

Openbravo Initial Data Loading

Healthcare Analytics

Pentaho Dashboard

Openbravo POS

Enterprise Application Integration

Data Cleansing and Migration

What People Says

  • Simplifying and facilitating, I can be free to work anywhere comfortably. And of course increase productivity and efficiency.

    Christina Roylin | Operation Manager | PT DAYOO INDONESIA MANDIRI

  • It was one year already, since we started with Openbravo in 2015. We think everything already running smoothly now and in the same time we still keep improve and optimize all the features and updates from Openbravo.

    Tommy B. Gunawan | GM Finance and Accounting | Puninar MSE

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