Our software engineering and computer science excellence make us true enterprise software company. The soft in the software word has meaning, the product should be soft enough to be massaged into different shapes. This reshaping work will continue, the product will always change from time to time.

Without software engineering and computer science excellence, we are never able to control code growth, they become massive but, in a mesh, tangle to modify, and ends with the early software retirement, they will be dismantled and replaced.


We understand that businesses need software that can evolve and adapt as their needs change, and we design our software solutions with this in mind. Once requirement fulfilled, new requirement arise. Never ending evolution of enterprise software is inevitable. However, never ending enterprise software evolution does not mean you have to get stuck in the never-ending project.

Here our approach how to build enterprise software with modifiable in mind.

Implement customer specific requirement in DSL (Domain Specific Language)

To make modifiable software into reality, we apply polyglot programming pyramid. It’s a concept in software development that emphasizes the use of multiple programming languages for different purposes, based on their strengths and weaknesses.

By using a mix of stable, dynamic, and domain-specific languages, developers can take advantage of the strengths of each language to build more efficient, maintainable, and expressive software systems. For example, they can use stable languages for performance-critical code, dynamic languages for prototyping or web development, and DSLs for domain-specific tasks such as business rule modeling, formula scripting, data aggregation for analysis and visualization.

Learn more how DSL works on real-world project.

Clean architecture

Clean Architecture is key to enterprise software development because enterprise systems tend to be complex, large-scale applications that require a high degree of flexibility and maintainability. By separating the business logic from the infrastructure and using layered architecture and dependency inversion, developers can create enterprise software that is easier to maintain, update, and scale over time.

Learn how we keep out software architecture clean.


No other way around except software engineering and computer science excellence. We are not gang of average coder that always ask more resources when performance questioned. Performance is in the design phase, not the post-production. Our computer science excellence makes sure we use right data structure and algorithm to achieve O(1) in both time and space complexity (unless the natural computation problem forces us to accept less performant algorithm).

Learn how we achieve performant product by design.

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